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Dir. Nana Ghana

Feat. Dir. Nana Ghana & Vivian Bang

Rustic Theatre
Sunday 22nd, September
9.30 – 11.30am


Rise and shine with a special pajama jammy jam, breakfast premiere of this heartwarming documentary about women waking up in Los Angeles. Coffee and breaky will be served! Feel free to come in PJs, blankets provided!


LA Woman Rising presents fifty Los Angeles women interviewed only at the moment they wake up in the morning. With original poetry, dream-like montages, and a rousing musical score, Director Nana Ghana captures the unmasked expression from women of all walks of life: the hopeful and the defeated, some healthy and others in recovery, cis and trans, new moms, immigrants, lovers and fighters, from wealthy to homeless, and the voices in between. LA Woman Rising is a meditative response to the challenges of love, politics, career, family, and responds to the prevalence of toxic hyper-masculinity by illuminating the shared female experience and inspiring women to rise in solidarity.


Nana Ghana was named by Entertainment Weekly and People Magazine as “Ones to watch” coming out of Sundance 2018 , where her co starring role in a film WHITE RABBIT premiered.

As a writer/ director Nana Ghana has made her film festival debut at the Cannes film festival 2016, premiering her short film Water Warrior , in 2017 Electing a short film that she wrote and directed which won her “Best Director” at the Oregon film fest. She recently completed her first feature documentary LA Woman Rising, which Rosario Dawson produced.

Ghana just wrapped her role as Cheyenne in Lost Transmission, playing opposite Simon Pegg and Juno Temple , She is currently filming a Netflix original series WHAT/IF Ghana also made her theater debut with Pelvic Floor.


Vivian Bang is an actress, writer and producer. She co-wrote, co-produced, and starred in Sundance’s 2018’s Indie Feature White Rabbit and could recently be seen as Jenny in Netflix’s Romantic Comedy, “Always Be My Maybe.”

Some of her best-known supporting roles were Soo-Mi in Warner Brother’s comedy Yes Man and the recurring role as Debbie on “Better Off Ted.” She received her first Screen Acting job with NY Director Hal Hartley in his indie feature, Henry Fool while she was still in college. One of her first jobs as a teenager was playing the Chinese Take-Out Lady in Sex & the City.