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Feat. Sabaah Folayan and Eloise King

Presented by Women On Docs

Rustic Theatre
Sunday 22nd, September
1.30 – 2.30 PM


Most Americans think women and men have equal protection under the law. They don’t. The Equal Rights Amendment passed in 1972 but failed to ratify the 38 states needed to become part of the constitution. 

The new documentary by Sabaah Folayan Ain’t I a Woman, takes a critical look at the history of American feminism, and the battle to ratify the ERA, from an intersectional perspective. In an open and frank discussion we learn lessons from the past, to ensure the movement going forward uplifts women of all races. 


A radical truth teller who still believes that love and compassion can save humanity, Sabaah Folayan made her directorial debut at the 2017 Sundance Film Festival with the feature length documentary Whose Streets?. Nominated for Peabody , Gotham and Critic’s Choice awards, the film chronicles the experiences of activists living in Ferguson, Missouri when Michael Brown Jr. was killed. Whose Streets? was distributed theatrically by Magnolia Pictures, and supported by the Sundance Documentary Film Program, Tribeca Film Institute, the Ford Foundation, the John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation among many others.

Sabaah uses written and visual media to bring a hopeful yet unflinching perspective to the urgent questions of our time. Born in Los Angeles, raised on Maui and educated in New York City, the challenge of thriving in vastly different environments has made Sabaah an expert at resilience. She attended Columbia University as a premedical student and graduated with a degree in biology. Outside-the-box thinking and passion for social good then drew her to the non-profit and grassroots sectors where she honed strategic planning and community organizing skills before becoming a filmmaker. Having gone from homelessness to global recognition, Sabaah’s outlook on social change is heartfelt, experience based, and fearlessly inclusive.


Eloise is an award-winning director and executive producer telling powerful stories that foreground marginalized voices in mainstream and popular culture. Most recently, King was global executive producer at VICE, leading a multi-award-winning international TV & video team. Her titles include award nominated works “Gurls Talk with Adwoa Aboah” and “Pins and Needles”. King also founded Women on Docs, a UK & LA screening and event network celebrating the contribution of women to documentary film. She frequently acts as an industry panelist, advisor and juror for international film festivals and pitch forums.